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For This Reason


Our Story

Half of all marriages end in divorce, but yours doesn’t have to. We’re Mat and Dara Koenig, and we’re on a mission to help couples restore their marriages. We know what it’s like to struggle in relationships because we’ve both been divorced…twice. We also know the pain that divorce brings to our children, the damage it does to our confidence, and the roadblocks that bad relationships can create when it comes to trusting people in the future. All of these things make it difficult to open ourselves up to loving, and being loved so we are working to help couples, just like you, rebuild their marriages on a solid foundation filled with passion, excitement, and the joy that marriage deserves.

For this reason…

Ephesians 5:31 says “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” We believe that God has given us an amazing, yet simple, path to building a marriage that matters and it’s for this reason that we are inviting you to explore the possibility of building your own Ephesians 5 marriage.

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About Dara

First and foremost, Dara is a Christ-follower. Everything she does, she does with the desire to do it in love. She a is wife, mother, coach, speaker, and author. Over the years, Dara has helped countless women uncover who they are, who’s they are, and how to live out the life they were created to live. She also never turns down a cup of coffee or a new pair of shoes.

About Mat

Mat is a Husband, Best-Selling, Author, Life Coach and Speaker and Dad to three awesome kids. Mat has spend more than two decades helping thousands of people all over the world improve their quality of life by harnessing the power of communication through speaking, marketing and sales.

Let’s Celebrate Your Marriage Together

For This Reason Marriage Retreat Coming Soon!

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We have some amazing marriage building events coming up including an awesome, all-inclusive marriage retreat in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Plus, we’ve got some great tools including free resources, we’d like to send your way. If you’re interested, please take a second to add yourself to the list by sharing your name and email address with us.

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